We have many festivals here in Norfolk, and I love all of the festivals I’ve been to. There’s the Watermelon Festival, the Ice Cream Festival, the Friend Festival, Festival by the Bay, the Wine Festival, the Harvest Festival, and one of the biggest, Bay Fest. I’ve been to all of these but the Friend Festival and the Festival by the Bay. (I definitely want to go this year though.) I’m going to talk about the Watermelon Festival. The Watermelon Festivalis one of my favourites by far. The first thing that happens is there’s this huge parade full of watermelon farmers, radio stations, bands, old cars,



and anyone else who wants to be in it and who chooses to dress their bike or car up with green, red, and black. They throw watermelon flavoured candies at you too. After that, we can enjoy going on rides, getting our face painted, and watching magic shows. They actually have real professionals to paint your face so you don’t have to worry about it looking bad. The rides are really fun and there’s this huge slide you can slide down!  The magic show includes someone getting cut in half and other cool tricks. People actually sometimes bring in watermelon and see who’s is the biggest. They make animal shaped balloons , even really big ones like a monkey on a tree. You should really go there! Have you ever been to a festival? If so, which one, what was it like? Do you want to go to any other festival?

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  1. Julia,

    I really like the layout of your blog. I personally LOVE colour, as you can tell by the room….lots of colour. Your header is a beautiful spectrum of colour and when I first saw it I loved the colour and it made me feel like there was rainbows and butterflies all around! I also like that you have thought about how to organize your posts, e.g. the ten places that you want to visit! Keep up the great posting….4 posts….almost better than the vets in the class – HA!!!!

    Miss H.

  2. Wow, Julia awesome theme! I’ve been to the Friend Festival and the Festival by the Bay. The friend festival is a bunch of vendors and music and the festival by the bay is an all around art show. It has some pretty cool stuff.

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  4. Hi Julia,

    My name is Ananya. You can visit my blog at http://amazingananya.edublogs.org/. I really like your blog..It rocks.I like how your background changes colours. How is it to live in Norfolk?? I live in Canada… Is the weather really hot there? Those are some cool festivals you celebrate in Norfolk…I would want to celebrate the Watermelon celebration. What do you do in the ice cream festival? It’s almost christmas here. Do you celebrate Christmas in Norfolk.

    Please comment on my blog..

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