Who Wouldn’t Want To Be There?

Ten places I would love to go to are:

Togo- The name sounds interesting and cool. It’s also in Africa and I would love to go to Africa.

Mexico- They have amazing beaches there and and it’s really warm. They also usually sell things a little cheaper there then they do in Canada. (I love to shop!)

Sweden- They have cool ski slopes and I love skiing!!! It would be pretty cool to be up a little north too.

Australia- Its hot there and I’ve always wanted to see koala bears and kangaroos! There’s a lot of wildlife .

Greece- I’ve always been interested in anchIent greek gods and the broken down temples that were huge back in the day. The country is supposed to be very beautiful too. The culture is spectacular I’ve heard.

Egypt- Imagine seeing huge pyramids that you know are full of mummies! Creepy, but cool!!

India- I would like to see the culture they have and the things they do in there religion, I think that would be pretty fun to learn about!

China – One of my favourite foods I love to eat is Chinese food. It’s so good and I would also like to see the Great Wall of China.

Ireland- I’ve always thought that bagpipes made a pretty cool sound and I would want to hear someones accent.(I like to here different accents. )

France- The country of France would be the best of all. I absolutely love clothes and that’s the top fashion country in the world. I’d also really want to go there for the Ifol tower and the food. I love to do art and France is pretty big on paintings too so that’s why I would want to go to France the most.


7 thoughts on “Who Wouldn’t Want To Be There?

  1. Hi Julia! I think it’s cool how you want to go to Togo, Africa. I would love to go to Africa, I even have a friend from there! I also love how you want to go to France because I do too and pretty much for the same reasons. Who wouldn’t want to go to the fashion capital of the world? Also how you want to go to Greece because of the Greek Gods. I’ve always been interested in them as well! Come visit my blog!! http://2016mnf.edublogs.org/

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  3. Hi Julia.

    I am a nontraditional student at the University of South Alabama in the United States of America. I am taking a class called EDM 310. In this class we are learning about technology in the classroom. I will comment on your blog post today.
    Julia, you must love to travel. All of the places you mentioned would be very cool to visit. I hope someday you get to visit all of those places and enjoy all of the sites, food, and people there.
    I live in the southeastern part of the US. We have beautiful beaches and delicious seafood here. I have never been out of the country. If I had unlimited cash and time, I would like to go to Rome, I think it would an amazing place to visit.
    I enjoyed your blog post. Keep up the good work. Thank you.
    Here’s my blog: Tricia Spafford blog

  4. Hi! Our names are Kate and Klea!
    We have a few questions for you .

    If you visited Mexico would you go shopping all day and would you go to the beach like everyday??? Also (Since you said you love to shop!) What are the phew things you would buy in mexico?

    If you visited Egypt would you visit the pyrimids? and would you want to go inside???Also would you go to a pool everyday cause its hot???

    If you are intristed in china food then maybe some time you could plan to go there.Also what would you do in China for fun???

    If you like the clothes in France then maybe if you go there some day make your parents buy you a shirt or something like that.Also what do you like the most about France? What clicks you that makes you like France???

    If you Visited India would you like to try there food? Also if you went there what would be your favorit part.

    From Kate and Klea

    • Yes, I would try to go shopping all day and everyday, but sooner or later I would run out of money. I’d want to go to the beach a lot too with my family and friends. I would buy clothes and a new guitar plus lots of food because I love Mexico food.

      I would totally visit the pyiramids if I went to Egypt, that’s one of the main reasons I would want to go Egypt. I don’t know If I would want to go inside because it would be pretty creepy with all the mummies. I would like that it’s hot because I could tan but sometimes I wouldn’t like it.

      For fun in China, I would just love to explore the town and the history.

      What I like most about France is……everything. I can’t choose. I love everything from the clothes, to the Ifol tower, to the food, the culture…..everything!

      I’m not sure what my favourite part of India would be but I would totally try their food!

      Thanks for checking my blog out , come again! Bye for now!

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