Last week, it was all about drama! We had a professional artist come into the classroom (Ann)and   we made had to do with Canadian history in the 1800’s. I was Laura Secord! First we made a peice of cardboard into the shape of a head. Then we paper machaed it and painted the colour of the skintone person we were doing. Next we added extras like hats, bonnets, hair barrets, etc. We painted then the detail of it. We finally got split up into 3 groups to make a play.

As I said before my person that I made was Laura Secord. She was  MILK MAIDEN that overheard in the 1812 war that people were going to do a surprise attak against Canada. She ran 32 km to warn them and she did. She is a Canadian Hero.

It was definitley a lot more fun to learn history this way! I think we all learned about a lot more people in Canadian history this way,but in a shorter amount of time! I hope that we do this again!

Qusetions and Anwers about my blog

How many posts do I have right now?
I have 23 posts that I think are each fairly good and have lots of thought into it.

How many are school-based?
Three of my posts are school-based.

How many posts are the challenges?
I have 15 posts that are the chaleneges.

How many are just for fun or at random?
Five of them are for fun or at random.

Which post got the most comments and why?
There are a few posts who got the most comments. Here they are: “Homework”, “Harry Potter Videos”, and”THE BEST COLOUR EVER!!!”. They each got seven comments each. I think these posts did so well because in each of the posts I added something in that they could relate to and asked a question at the end. This makes people want to share their opinion.

Which post did I enjoy writing the most and why?
I think that the post I enjoyed most would be the one about afterscool activities, it was fun to write about what I think about sports and things and what people think of this.

Did I change any of my blog themes and if I did, why?
I did change my themes a few times. There are two reasons why. I did this because more and more people might come to my blog to check out what sort of background I had and also it made things look interesting. I now think I’m going to stick with the one that I have because I love it unless I see a different one that I like better sometime.

How many widgets do you have? Is it too many or not enough?
I have sixteen widgets and I thik that it’s enough

How many oversea people do you have on your blogroll?
I have one and I really think I should add more. It’s not that I don’t visit other peoples blogs it’s just that I don’t put them on my blogroll which I should because they’re reaaallly good sometimes.



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I think my favourite holiday is Christmas. There are many reasons WHY this is my favourite holiday…..

First of all, you spend time with your family. Every Christmas day after opening the presents in the morning, we dress up and get ready to go to our cousins house. All of our cousins and uncles and aunts and my grandma come to the house. We get a BIG delicious Christmas lunch and supper and have a great time!!! All of the kids, at the end of the day get a bag of Candie and a present from grandma. It’s a great way to celebrate our lord Jesus on his Birthday!!!

Another reason why it is my favourite holiday is because I love Christmas morning when you wake up and realize it’s Christmas day. It feels so nice when your whole family is up and ready to open the presents. Everybody laughs and smiles as they open presents and see what they got in their stocking that year. Between my three brothers and I we do Secret Santa and the presents are supposed to cost thirty dollars each. We open THOSE presents on Christmas Eve.

My last reason why I love Christmas the most is because it celebrates Jesus’ Birthday. I’m a christian so I this is one of the holidays we celebrate most.

I remember that somebody did a survey on younger kids_they asked them what they thought love was. The one I can remember most went like this “I think love is when you wake up on Christmas morning, stop opening your presents and listen.”

I agree.


(Got information from own experiences.)

My favourite series of books!!!!


BY THIRU MURUGAN Creative commons Some rights reserved


BY SAN MATEO COUNTY LIBRARY Creative commons Some rights reserved

I have two favourite series of books and would rate both of them a TEN!!! They are ‘The Hunger Game’  series and the ‘Harry Potter’ series. I love them soooooooo much!!I finished Harry Potter at the end of the summer and read the Hunger Games during the last school year. I would recommend the Harry Potter series to kids aged grade 6 to 12. I would recommend the Hunger Game series to grades 7-12!! They are both full of adventure, love, mystery, friendship, and more! They are amazing.

‘The Hunger Games’ is about a girl named Katniss Everdeen, a poor girl that keeps food on the table for her mother and little sister named Prim because her dad is dead. There are 12 districts in what used to be North America. Every year a government called the Capital forces one boy and one girl from each district to go into an arena and fight to the death. It’s on live T.V and they make everybody watch. The last person remaining wins and gets fame and money. When Prim very unexpectedly gets called to go into the games, Katniss volunteers to go instead of her because she loves her so much. She finds herself fighting not only death and the other tributes, but love, friendship, guilt, and the urge to pay the Capital for what they do. Can she survive?? Read the book to find out……

The ‘Harry Potter’ is also my favourite. (I honestly can’t choose which one I like better, they’re both spectacular!!) This series is about a normal boy named Harry Potter, except he’s not normal, he’s a wizard!!! Follow him and his adventures as he gos to Hogwarts, a school for wizards a witches, makes new friends, and tries to fight the mighty Voldemot, who has had it out for him when he was just one year old. He battles many challenges to fight Voldemort, and loses many loved ones because of him, but as he goes on those challenges will seem like a game of uno compared to Voldemort himself. Read to find out what happens or what happened next…..

I really hope you give BOTH of these books a try, they’re spectacular, spontaneous, amazing, glamorous, stunning, books that could keep you turning the pages forever!!!!

(I got this information from each of the books.)



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Going Christmas shopping tomorrow. Kids want sooooooo much and it’s going to be hard to pick out of all the things that they want! It’s a good thing I like shopping!!! Of course I would need a million dollars to get the things that they really want but I guess their just going to have to settle for something WAY WAY WAY less than a milloin!! Wish me luck!! Bye for now because I got to go and get ready for the BIG day!!


How I can get more comments

I have a few reasons why I could get more comments. I think I sometimes might need more pictures and make things look a little more interesting. I need to add a few more posts not just because of the challenges but on my free time too! I need to improve a few more pictures from my other posts and add a few extra cool widgets. Keep an eye out for my blog because it WILL get better!!!!

If you have any other suggestions on how I can improve my blog, just comment and tell


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me what!!!!


I have six people in my family not counting my two dogs. I’m going to tell you about them because they’re sooooooo great!!!

My dad is the oldest and his name is Jake. He loves to hunt and fish with all his friends. He works a lot in our shop we have and is always late for everything. He’s laid back and is usually okay if I want to do something.

My mom’s name is Lisa and is the second oldest and everyone says I look a lot like her. The hair and the eyes look alike apparently. She goes overboard a lot of the times and has to make everything PERFECT!!! She doesn’t like cooking and is very overprotective sometimes. She loves pink and reading.

My oldest brother’s name is Jay and he’s one of the most athletic funniest guys I know. I love it when he picks me up after school because we listen to the music very loud and sing along with it. He makes me laugh and is now in his first year of college!

My brother named Rick is next. He is as athletic as Jay, but not QUITE as funny. (Although it’s close.) He’s in high school and hangs out with his friends a lot. We used to fight soooooooo much but now, we act like buds and I think I talk to him the most.

After Rick, it’s me and then the youngest in the family is Shawn. Shawn loves to play baseball and practices throwing, catching, and hitting with a bat ALL the time!! (Even in the Winter!!!) He loves to play our PS3 MOVE and his game boy. I LOVE the colour of his eyes and I wish I had it. They’re a beautiful bright blue that my brother Jay has too. ( Rick has light blue that comes from my dad.)

I have two dogs and they’re both part german shepard and lab. One is called Lady. We’ve had her ever since I was about 4 months old. We got Sadie a few years ago but she’s still cute. They both are very playful and I love them very much.

Now you know about my family, whats your like??? If you could describe them in three words what would they be???

My favourite subject!

I think my favourite subjects are art and gym. I like gym because I love being active and playing sports . I play as much as I can. I love art because you can express your feelings and let everything show. Your creativity expands and I love it when the colours are the first thing that gets your attention.

Whats your favourite subject???



This post is going to be about one of my favourite sports….VOLLEYBALL!!!!

We just had a volleyball tryout practice today and I really hope I make it. So far, I’ve made every volleyball team I’ve signed up for but this year I’m intermediate so it will harder. It will also be harder because 22 girls signed up and you only NEED seven. I’m sure she’ll take a little more but I’m still really nervous. We have a few more tryouts so I have a better chance. I like volleys better than bumps because you have more control over the ball. I like to play this with my friends too.

Well, I think that wraps up this post for now. I would write a little more but I’m going to my older brothers volleyball game and am excited to watch it. I learn new strategies and techniques on how to be better. Maybe later he can show me some of his tips…. Bye for now!!!!!

Whats your favourite sport????

A Movie that Moved Me :)


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In class we’re learning about global issues such as hunger, kids slavery, homelessness, lack of education, women rights etc. We watched a movie on Halloween and it broke my heart at few parts to see what happens to people. It wasn’t the informational type of movie, it actually had a story to it. It is called Slum-dogs Millionaire and is about a man named Jamal. He has a chance to win one million dollars on the show Who Wants To Be a Millionaire and every time he gets asked a question and gets it right, it flashes back to when hes younger and what he went through to get that question right. He’s Indian and lives in a trash-like slum. It shows many global issues and is touching.